Monday, November 26, 2012

Peopletools 8.52 Integration Network WorkCenter (Part 1/2)

With the Peopletools 8.52 comes a new and nice feature regarding the Integration Broker management.
It has always been rather complicated to manage all the different components to make it all work.
The Integration Network WorkCenter is supposed to make it easier. It is worth to try. And really, it is worth to use.

But first of all, the setting to get it requires some work before hands. Quite a long story… sorry.

On the page, for the first time, it will probably look like the following :
Ok, let’s do the necessary work to configure before using it.

1. Network Status Configuration

Go to the Gateway (left menu), it opens the well known Gateway page, but all in the same frame, this is WorkCenter.
INW_004 INW_005
If you already have configured it, then you should not have this to do, otherwise, load the connectors.
And try to ping the Gateway.
Then you must define some more properties in the Gateway, go to the Setup page, again, it may or may be not required depending if you already did it :
INW_010 INW_011 
You should fill a node definition, in the “Node Name” field :
And to be able to do that, you should have a messaging PUB/SUB server running. I have one dedicated to the messages :
Now we can give all the details, and the ping should work :
Ok, the server was not started, after starting it up, the ping just works fine :
Go to the Advanced Properties page of the gateway, the keystore password must be encrypted :
Use the given utility to get the encrypted value of your password :
INW_019 INW_020
And replace the value in clear by the returned encrypted value :
INW_021 INW_022
Quit and save.

Coming back to the Integration Network WorkCenter, it is now looking like this :
That’s right, even though the messaging server is started, it has not been activated yet, let’s do that.

Now, back on the Integration Network WorkCenter, it is configured !
That was nice to do all these tasks within the same menu, much easier than ever.

2. Network Integration Status
Once the configuration is done, we must set the Integration status. Otherwise, it’s no use.
Ping the node works fine :
But getting the Network Integration Status raises an error :
When I get such message, the fist is to check the log file, here is an extract :
In other words, the routing operation GETNETWORKSTATUS is not known…
Let’s find it out and modify it accordingly :
Here we go, the status of the routing is not activated. Do the change, save and go back to the WorkCenter :
Ok, it’s clear enough on this error, let’s see what’s the permission of this service operation. Again, we can do it from the WorkCenter :
And from the backend, no user is granted to this permission list :
SQL> l
  1  SELECT   distinct c.roleuser
  2  FROM     psclassdefn a, psroleclass b, psroleuser c
  3  WHERE    a.classid = b.classid
  4  AND      b.rolename = c.rolename
  5* AND      a.classid = 'PTPT4000'
SQL> /

no rows selected Let’s create a role especially for this permission list, and add to the user PS (I’m on HCM91).
Save and quit.
And from the backend, we can see PS with this permission list :
SQL> l
  1  SELECT   distinct c.roleuser
  2  FROM     psclassdefn a, psroleclass b, psroleuser c
  3  WHERE    a.classid = b.classid
  4  AND      b.rolename = c.rolename
  5* AND      a.classid = 'PTPT4000'
SQL> /


Coming back to the WorkCenter, getting the Network Integration Status now returns :

Next time, I will go further in details of the WorkCenter possibilities, please see part 2 here.



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